Farm Services


Our philosophy...

We proudly serve our local community with sustainably grown produce, (some year around in our greenhouse), as well as pasture-raised pork and eggs from happy, pasture-raised hens. It is important to us to replenish the earth, so we are sure to utilize our compost, cover-crops as well as companion planting our vegetables to put nutrients back into the soil. Using no-till farming practices, we are able to help the soil retain it's nutrients, so that our vegetables are as nourishing as they are delicious.  We don't use any chemicals or pesticides on any product on our farm. We strive to have our farm work as a whole--the chickens help to spread manure, the pigs help to rototill, many of our vegetables nourish the soil for the following year.  We are a family-owned small farm, and sustainability, organic practices, healthy food and serving our community are very important to us. 


Pork and Eggs

Raising hens to produce eggs is something Meggie has done for years. On our farm, the hens serve us by managing the pesky flies, as well as spreading manure. This natural diet produces eggs full of nutrients, color and flavor. Our hens spend their time outside during the day, and have a safe coup to spend their nights. In 2018 we are raising a limited amount of pasture-raised pork. Our pigs also work for their keep, helping to "rototill" our garden & our areas where we plant native grasses, flowers for birds, bees and bugs. Pasture-raised pork takes a longer time to grow, but we feel it's important to feed pigs their natural food. Our pigs live a happy life, outdoors with a shelter and always have a fresh patch of grass to dig up. Pork is sold by the half, please contact us to reserve yours.  



We will have a wide range of unique heirloom vegetables available for purchase here at the farm. All vegetables are grown from organic seeds, and using organic practices. To see what we have at any given time you can check back here, see our Facebook or Instagram pages, email or call us.