Steve's Services

Steve's Training Philosophy

Safety is #1:  Safety is priority here at Bar A.  A huge part of safety, as it pertains to horses, is understanding and awareness.  It is imperative that we understand the nature horses and why they do what they do.  It's with this understanding that we can begin to communicate with our horses in a way that's not only safe, but in a way that makes sense to them.  With clear boundaries, guidance, direction and trust, people and their mounts can have an incredible and safe partnership.      

Operating on a feel:   The feel of every horse that we encounter is going to be different, and with a little study of the horse as an individual, we can learn how to feel for and balance with him to help him be willingly guided without force.  I believe that it's part of a horses nature not to resist anything asked of him, as long as the request is in compliance with the laws of his nature and he completely understands what is being communicated to him.  Horses also do not know their own strength beyond what they have experienced.  With this in mind, it is possible to handle these incredibly strong animals with an almost un-imaginable softness, and use their strength in a way that feels good to us and the horse.  With a little study of the horse as a species and an individual, we can handle them in a way that is not forceful or painful to them.  It's not about the tools used, it's about the hands using the tools.  

Photo by Chris Weber Studios

Photo by Chris Weber Studios

Horse Training

We offer colt starting, problem solving and foundation training. From foal imprinting and young horse development, to tune ups, precision riding, kids horses and trail riding, we have a lot to offer you and your horse. 

How it Works

25 hours of training for $35 an hour.*  $25 an hour for additional hours.  You'll get an in-depth weekly progress update on your horse and are encouraged to watch us work with your horse.

10-20 hours of training: $45 an hour with in-depth progress update.*

*Board is not included in training. 

Photo by Chris Weber Studios

Photo by Chris Weber Studios


Private Lessons: One on One instruction available on and off site.

Semi-Private lessons: Minimum of 3 people.  These will be specialized, in depth and topic specific.

How it Works


Private Lessons                             $65 an hour on site/$75 an hour off site plus travel fee. 

Semi-Private Lessons                        $150 per person on site.  $195/person plus travel fee depending on location.  3 hour block of time with 3 to 6 people.

Photo by Chris Weber Studios

Photo by Chris Weber Studios


Small groups for more learning with a 2 or 3 day option are available on a limited basis. 

How it Works

Contact Steve for dates and prices. 


Cancellation: We understand that emergencies happen and the weather is out of our control. However, any cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, outside of the above circumstances, will be charged the full rate. 

Travel: If you are local (within 20 miles), we are happy to come to you! If you are farther, we're still happy to come to you but we require the following:* 

-A travel fee os $0.50 cents per mile, round trip. Hauling for training horses is available at $1.00 per mile round trip.

-A minimum of 4 hours of private instruction OR,

-A minimum of 3 hours of semi-private instruction.

*ALL training horses are onsite at Sandalwood Ranch